Hadi Choopan arrives Olympia

WATCH: Coming to America – Hadi Choopan arrives for the 2019 Olympia Weekend.

The day has finally arrived, Hadi Choopan stepped on American soil after being refused for over 4 years to get his visa.

It was an emotional arrival for super trainer Hany Rambod, one of the people who worked so hard to get Hadi Choopan to the USA.

Hany is the person who is not only training Hadi Choopan, but he is the person sponsoring him to be able to enter the USA. Hany said all his staff at Evogen worked day and night to make this possible.

Hadi’s arrival has turned the build-up to the Olympia upside down. Not in a negative way, but in a positive way. With some of the negativity leading up to this Olympia Weekebd, the arrival of Choopan is a breath of fresh air.

Nobody knows what division Hadi is going to compete in. It will either be the 212 or Open Class divisions.

Regardless what other websites are reporting, no official announcement has been made regarding in which division Choopan is going to compete.