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What is the use trying to qualify for the Olympia weekend when your country is banned from having its people travel to the USA?

Hadi Choopan is a perfect example, the Persian bodybuilder could not get into the USA last year to compete at the 2017 Olympia Weekend and in 2018 most likely it will be the same situation.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump’s travel ban for Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen was supported by the Supreme court.

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As well all know, Hadi Choopan is a contender for the 212 Olympia title. He as well has shown that he can go up against the best in the open class when he placed second at the San Marino Pro show.

All the preaching that NPC/IFBB Pro League have been doing with the slogan ‘You win and your in’ is ridiculous when the best athletes in the world cannot come to your country to compete for the top prize in the world – The Olympia title.

The only solution is to bring the Olympia to these athletes so the best can truly compete at the Olympia. You cannot say you are the best in the world if you do not compete against the best in the world.

The Olympia Weekend should be organized in Europe as it used to be in the 1980’s. South Africa, Australia, London, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Italy and Finland were all locations that the Olympia Weekend was organised in the past.

For a contest that crowns the best athletes in the world being stuck in Las Vegas year after year is not a fair situation, especially now. Obviously for the organizers that want to make the money, Vegas is the best solution. But for all the athletes, it is not the best solution, especially the ones that are not given a visa to get into the USA.

Hadi Choopan has another solution, he can always compete in the new IFBB Elite Pro League. He will surely find some good competition from some of the best bodybuilders in the world that have no desire to compete in the NPC/IFBB Pro League due to certain restrictions.

Flex Lewis is a great champion and has literally been unbeatable for a number of years, but we all want to see him go up against the best in the world. Last year the talk was about Hadi Choopan having a chance to win the 212 title, but he was a no show, and unfortunately, unless he knows somebody up high in American politics, it looks like 2018 will be another no show for the Persian champion.

Hadi Choopan has two options:

1) Qualify for the Olympia and don’t compete due to Visa problems.

2) Compete in the IFBB Elite Pro league and compete against some of the best bodybuilders in the world (represented in over 196 countries) freely with new competitions being organized monthly. Arnold Classic Europe to name one as the Arnold Classic USA is out of the question as well.