Hidetada Yamagishi

Hidetada Yamagishi wants to see more comparisons at contests.

Fresh from the 2018 Indy Pro, IFBB Pro Hidetada Yamagishi went to his official Instagram page to vent his frustration about the contest.

Hidetata believes the athletes and fans deserve more from a pro show. Being compared just twice is not enough according to Hidetada.

Hidetada believes he should have been compared more to the guys just a spot or two ahead of  him so the fans and judges get more of an idea and can place the athletes better.

In the same message, Hidetada made it a point to say that he did not complain about his placing and he respects all the other competitors that stepped on the stage to compete.

According to Hidetada, too much is sacrificed from the competitors to just be compared once or twice.

As well, in his contest review with Muscular Development, Hidetada’s trainer Milos Sarcev made it a point to express his feelings on the same matter.

As Milos as indicated on a number of occasions, he pushes his athletes to compete in as many pro shows as they can. Milos was known for competing in almost every pro show in a season. But Milos believes being compared very little at a contest is a slap on the face when an athlete is on a strict diet and a strict workout schedule all year round to prepare for a show.

Another important point that Milos made was that the show finished very early, so time is not an excuse.

Hidetada’s message:

hideyamagishi@ifbbindypro comparisons. We athletes and fans definitely want to see more comparisons. I’m tired (I’m sure you too) of sacrificing literally everything to be compared only twice (usually 1 in prejudge another one in final) and not have chance to be compared with guys a few spot ahead of me. Im not saying I was better than 7th tonight but I would accept whatever placing if I got fair chance. I always felt this way but it’s getting out of control now. I thought bodybuilding was a sport to get compared and work your ass off on the stage NOT spend just a few min by posing. Again I respect all these guys either they are ahead of me or behind me but everyone would appreciate if we have more time to be compared even though it would be hell of battle because we sacrifice everything for it!

In the beginning of his show review, you can watch Milos Sarcev express his feeling about this matter: