Choose a Protein Powder

How to Choose a Protein Powder.

Taking a protein powder supplement is a great way to ensure that the body is being provided with the nutrients it needs in order to rebuild muscle tissue or to recover from a workout. Knowing more about different powders and the potential benefits they have to offer can make choosing the right protein powder much easier.

Protein Supplements

Protein is an essential nutrient that the body needs in order to stay healthy or to operate at peak efficiency. Diets that fail to provide sufficient quantities of protein can limit physical performance, inhibit muscle growth or slow the physical healing and recovery process. Protein powders and supplements are an ideal resource for anyone who is interested in creating a balanced diet or increasing their protein intake.

Excessive Protein Intake

While too much protein is not likely to be harmful, higher quantities of protein can displace other foods that may contain essential nutrients. While optimal levels of protein intake can differ from one individual to the next, 20-40 grams a day is usually ideal and double that amount is a good upper limit.

Whey versus Casein

Whey protein powder is often suggested for a post-workout recovery shake while the slower-digesting casein is often touted as being the best choice for before bed. Powders, shakes and other supplements may also vary in terms of protein content depending on the substance they were derived from.

Concentrates, Isolates, and Hydrolysates

There are several methods of processing protein into a powder which may also impact the overall quality and nutritional benefit of the end product. Concentrates use heat or acid in order to extract protein but may also create a final product that has higher levels of fats, carbohydrates or unwanted calories. Isolates utilize a filtering process that creates a powder that can be more quickly digested and absorbed by the body. Hydrolysates make use of additional processing in order to further break apart the protein stands.

Determining Optimal Intake

Increasing protein intake can be beneficial for those who are interested in increasing muscle mass, improving physical performance or speeding recovery times. Determining the right level of protein intake depends on many factors that include base metabolic rate, exercise habits and activity levels as well as existing diet and eating habits. While consuming too much protein may provide little to no additional benefit, a diet that is too low in protein can lead to all sorts of problems and issues.

Creating a Better Diet

The right protein powder makes it much easier to ensure that the body is getting protein in sufficient quantities. While many lean proteins require time and effort in order to properly cook and prepare, whey protein powder can be used to make a recovery shake or a pre-workout smoothie in mere moments.

According to Legion Athletics,” One of the easiest ways to speed post-workout recovery is to eat enough protein.” A quality whey powder can provide a safe and convenient way to up protein intake levels and can be a great resource for those who are interested in creating a healthier diet or improving their eating habits.

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