Shed Those Extra Pounds

How To Easily Shed Those Extra Pounds — For Good!.

By Allen Brown

You’ve begun your weight loss journey and so far it’s going well! You have begun noticing a drop in the digits registered by your scale. You’re very enthused and want to keep shedding those pounds. Sometimes, though, a plateau happens. After a certain amount of weight loss, no more seems to occur. It becomes more difficult to keep the numbers decreasing.

Don’t get frustrated. It happens to the best of us. There will always be some tips and tricks you have not yet tried that could be the answer you’re looking for. The solution to your pesky problem. To continue having a read for some ideas on how to say goodbye to those last few pounds that continue to stubbornly hold on.

Nopal Cactus Supplements

This may not be news to you. Supplements have been around and promoted within the health industry for years and various weight management supplements can be purchased, some with, and some without prescription. Some are synthetically made, others are natural. Natural-based supplements tend to evoke more trust among the masses, and rightfully so.

One such natural option you may not have known of is the nopal cactus supplement. Cactus for weight loss, how? Let me break it down. This plant is very low in calories. The nemesis of weight loss is a high caloric intake. Limit your calories and you’re well on your way. Wait, it gets better. Being highly concentrated in fiber, satiety is experienced for longer periods leading to a reduction in the number of times and amount you end up eating daily.

Even more impressive is that it regulates more slowly the digestion of carbohydrates. How does that help? Well, carbs and sugar go hand in hand. If you manage one, you manage the other. When you eat starch it gets broken down into the most simple form of sugar. This enters your bloodstream and causes your blood sugar to spike.

Like a chain reaction, insulin is secreted. This rapid release of insulin causes an equally rapid drop in your blood sugar. So it moves from high to low pretty quickly. And what happens when your body realizes the sugar level is low? It calls for more food. You end up snacking or adding meals to your daily food consumption which ultimately leads to weight gain.

A slowing of the breakdown of carbs means a gradual rise in blood sugar and insulin as opposed to a spike. Low blood sugar is avoided for longer. You eat less as a result. Pretty cool right?

The nopal cactus is also packed with amino acids. Proteins are known to keep you feeling full for longer which increases your energy availability.

This supplement does not act alone but is combined with other potent natural elements for even greater effects.

Keep A Calorie Record

In addition to taking your nopal cactus supplements, it would be beneficial to make note of your daily calorie consumption. If you had not already started doing this, now would be a great time to start. Why? Because it’s always an advantage to know exactly how many calories you ingest daily. This will allow you to more successfully revise or reduce where necessary.

On the flip side, it may also show you that you need to increase your intake. Although the goal is to lose weight, your body still requires a minimum amount of calories, based on weight and age, to function optimally.

Be Selective With Your Snacks

Snacks, we love them. Many of us can’t live without them, myself included! Good news. Striving for weight loss does not mean canceling all snacking because you just have to tweak a bit, or a lot, what is now acceptable as a snack. Undoing your hard work cannot be allowed to happen.

Fruits and vegetables are a top pick. Slice up some apples, munch on some grapes, comp on some baby carrots, you get the drift. This type of substitution is exactly what will get you to where you want to be. Instead of pringles or lays, grab some pretzels. Is your sweet tooth acting up? In place of candy or cake, try some yogurt or raisins. No one will be policing you to ensure you make healthy choices. Be your police and disciplinarian. The long-term benefits will be worth the concessions.

The changes you make for lasting weight loss need to be permanent. This is not a fad or temporary diet. Commit to taking supplements that are proven effective. Keep on monitoring your calories and making the right food choices for your health. Your ideal body is waiting. Go get it.