Deniz Saypinar

“I placed second 17 times in my career” – Bikini Athlete Deniz Saypinar.

In the world of competitive bodybuilding and fitness, many have had a lot of success while others come very close but end up missing out.

Talking about missing out and feeling the frustration of being a step away from success, imagine if you placed second in your competitive career 17 times out of 27 competitions!

This was revealed by amateur bikini athlete Deniz Saypinar.

In a recent post on her official Instagram page, the beautiful bikini athlete from Turkey revealed the mental frustration of placing second 17 times.

As well, it was not a easy road to get to the top Deniz explains the hardships she had to experience to get where she is at today.

Deniz is an amateur athlete within the NPC since she switched federations from the IFBB Elite Pro after 2018.

During her time with the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro, Deniz had to work hard to earn her IFBB Elite Pro card. When  she managed to turn pro, the pro circuit did not always go as planned as she placed second in numerous pro shows.

The bikini division within the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro is at a very high level, with the best bikini athletes from all over the world competing for the top prices.

Saypinar was a very popular athlete within the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro. Her stage presence was fantastic.

To make things worse for Deniz, when she finally qualified for the 2018 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships, she could not make the trip due to a visa issue. As well, to prepare for the event, she even sold her car.

In 2019, Deniz decided to move on and try her luck withing the NPC and try to earn her pro card within the NPC/Pro League.

When an athlete is a pro with another federation and decides to switch over to the NPC, they have to relinquish their pro card and compete as an amateur.

Again, Deniz faced the same fate, at the 2020 Arnold Classic USA, she placed second in a line-up of 26 athletes.

The road to success is not an easy one. Some come very close and give up while others stand up and keep on trying.

Deniz is definitely a fighter and we are 100% sure she will eventually earn the NPC/Pro League card in the very near future.

The full post by Deniz Saypinar on her Instagram page:

After I changed my federation I had to compete as an amateur again. This is the first time I am posting stage picture from 2019 Amateur Arnold Classic Ohio. I did not want to post because it was my 17th time placing second, it’s like a curse. God damn I’m crying … I had such tough times when I was prepping for it.

I had some nights i couldn’t have time to sleep because I was making this bikini you are seeing on me in that picture. I was just tiding my room and I saw my medal and just started to cry … you can’t understand how it’s hard to hear second place over and over and over… I was so disappointed. Still I won’t give up, but it sure still hurts. Good thing is that I CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW I’M MOTIVATED TO START MY PREP AGAIN!

Almost half of my life I gave to this sport. I have gave everything I have which I could have many earthly things. I had such tough times I remember that I even sold my car for First IFBB Elite World Pro Championships two years ago, which I could not go to because of nationality/visa issue. I was denied many opportunists.

On many occasions I had to drive four hours daily to be able to go to a gym just because I didn’t have money to pay for it. Also they didn’t let me in. I’m not even talking about sponsorships or etc. I remember some days I was crying when I was training because my life has never been easy and my conditions was so limited for anything about this sport. I had many tough experiences. Most of you all can not even imagine or cannot even resist to listen.

I left school, I have changed everything in my life according to my passion about this sport. I HAVE PLACED SECOND 17 FUCKING times. I will not give up on competitions and being on stage. Some of you all know already I could not go to many top competitions because of my nationality or government issues, but 27 competitions taught me to have a deep connection with my body. This is biggest gift ever. Feeling appreciated and completed.


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