There has been lots of praise and some criticism on the return of Kevin Levrone.

After rumors for a number of years of Levrone’s comeback, it has finally happened.

Kevin did manage to make it to the Olympia stage, maybe not as he wanted to, but he still went and did his best.

Levrone immediately revealed after the show that he suffered some injuries and he was also correcting a knee injury that has been a problem since 2003.

Kevin has stated on a number of occasions the HE IS STILL NOT TRAINING LEGS as he should be as he is still doing a procedure to correct the problem.

Many have praised his comeback, especially Dave Palumbo.

Why mention Palumbo? It’s because he preached for so many months that he talks to Levrone and even gives him some advice.

Maybe Dave gave Kevin the wrong advice?

Now after the dust has settled and Palumbo admitted he was wrong about Levrone on his prediction to win the Olympia. It is like it is Kevin’s fault that he had a knee problem and did not do so well.

This proves to us more that Dave Palumbo just jumped on Kevin Levrone’s side to just get his page views and ratings up. And now that it is over, he can say what he wants.

We still respect Dave Palumbo and crew for all the work they do… but Dave slipped on this one.

If it was any other athlete, they would have skipped the show. But Levrone stepped on stage and showed the world what he could do at 52 with all the problems he had. And the fans loved it.

Now, in a recent rant on his website, Palumbo talks about Levrone’s recent guest posing routine at the 2016 NPC Golds Classic. Palumbo did not have the same tone as before the Olympia and now the criticism started to come out.

One part of Dave’s rant did stand out. It was when he said, “‘it almost looks like Kevin does not even train legs and if I had to go to the gym and squat for two weeks, my legs would look better.”

Now, first of all, from what is already known, Dave has his own injuries to worry about and it his highly doubtful if he can squat at all.

Making that statement when the bodybuilding world is well informed that Kevin is not training legs is a low blow. Kevin is one of the only bodybuilders that opens up about his injuries and procedures on all his social media.

Kevin has made a statement that he will look better with a solid eight months of training. Now if this is to qualify for the Olympia or guest pose again, we have to wait and see.

Whatever place he finished and however some people think he looked. What Kevin Levrone did in just about six months is just incredible.

Levrone has injected life into a sport that was losing its shine. At the Arnold Classic Europe, just a week after the Olympia, you would of witnessed the never ending lines of fans to meet the legendary champion, and this has not stopped.

That is what the sport is all about.

IFBB Pro Kevin Levrone's response to David Palumbo from Evolution of Bodybuilding on Vimeo.