ifbb-2015-executive-council-meeting-2During the celebration of the World’s Bodybuilding Championships it took place, as every year, the IFBB Executive Council meeting.

President Santonja started the meeting presenting the ‘IFBB 2014 / 2015 Book of the Year’ and also the President report, as a summary of all IFBB activities during this year.

After being in the programme of the Asian Beach Games, and the 1st European Games in Baku, and most of all, the recent recognition of PASO in Washington, other olympic recognitions were set as one of the priorities of the IFBB.

Organize great and powerful World Championships will be one of all IFBB’ lines of work, specially in the case of the Children Fitness World Championships, as it represents not only the future but also the present of our sport.

At the last part of the meeting the council debated about different proposals: new sports divisions and new rules to get the Pro Card were the most remarkable ones: winners of Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Women’s Body Fitness, Women’s Bikini Fitness, Women’s Fitness categories of IFBB World and Continental Championships may opt to obtain a Pro Card.

Source: ifbb.com

Photos: eastlabs.sk