The IFBB have published the International competition schedule for 2017.

With over 30 events confirmed, the IFBB official calendar for next 2017 season is already published in IFBB website ( to help athletes and coaches to design his schedule.

After an amazing 2016 season, the next 2017 promised to be even more challenging for athletes worldwide. The first great event will be earlier than ever: the Olympia Amateur South America that will be held in Medellín (Colombia), from 17th to 19th February, This will be not the only great new, compared with 2016: the season will not ends with Junior & Master World Championships (this time in Bistrita; Romania) or World Fitness Championships (Biarritz; France), but with the Central American Games, organised in Nicaragua by the Central American Olympia Organization. The IFBB recognition from ODEPA/PASO, in 2015, makes the season bigger and more challenging for Bodybuilding and Fitness. – By Armando Marquez

Please note this schedule can change during the coming months so please check back to see the latest version.

To see the schedule click HERE