IFBB expanding with new events in 2018

IFBB 2018 Calendar

IFBB 2018 Calendar

Exciting things are planned for the IFBB in 2018. With an very successful 2017 season soon coming to a close, the next season in 2018 will be more will offer more opportunities for athletes all over the world.

The IFBB will be expanding with more competitions in their 196 affiliated countries.


The World Ranking system will continue to award athletes in the Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Mens’s Physique, Bodyfitness and Bikini disciplines with cash prizes and the possibility to earn the IFBB Pro Elite Card for the top athletes.

Not only will the IFBB be expanding the amateur circuit, but they will also be adding more shows in the IFBB Pro Elite Division in most of the affiliated countries. Athletes with Pro status will have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes in a vast number of pro competitions organized by the IFBB and private organizers.