IFBB Bikini Competitor Ashley Kaltwasser

ashley kaltwasser 2Our new featured athlete is the 2015 IFBB Bikini Olympia – Overall winner Ashley Kaltwasser.

She is part of Team Rich Gaspari.

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Name: Ashley Kaltwasser
Age: 27
Home Town: Akron, Ohio
Height: 5’5’’
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Gym: Summer’s Fitness 24/7
Occupations: IFBB Bikini Professional, Fitness Model, Posing Coach, FitnessRX for Women columnist and cover model

Personal Interesting Aspect About You:  I’ve been extremely competitive in sports as long as I can remember.  I participated in gymnastics, swimming, cross country and track throughout my life.  I am a former D1 track athlete and ran the hurdles and participated in the Pentathlon also.

Shout Out To: My coach Summer Montabone and my sponsors Gaspari Nutrition and MuscleEgg.

NPC/IFBB Titles/Placing’s:

2015 Nordic Pro – 1st
2015 IFBB Olympia Weekend – 1st
2015 Arnold Classic Australia – 2nd
2015 Arnold Sports Festival – 1st
2014 IFBB Bikini Olympia – Overall
2014 IFBB Toronto Pro SuperShow 1st
2014 New York Pro Bikini 2nd
2014 New Zealand Pro Bikini – 1st
2014 Australian Pro Bikini – 1st
2014 Arnold Classic Bikini – 1st
2013 IFBB Bikini Olympia – Overall
2013 IFBB Sheru Classic Pro Bikini – Overall
2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow Bikini – Overall
2013 IFBB New York Pro Bikini – 2nd Place
ashley kaltwasser12013 IFBB Powerhouse Classic Pro Bikini – Overall
2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini – 2nd Place
2013 IFBB Europa Show Of Champions Pro Bikini – 2nd Place
2013 IFBB Bikini International – 10th Place
2012 IFBB Houston Pro Bikini – 5th Place
2012 NPC Team Universe Bikini Championships – Overall (IFBB Professional League Qualified)
2012 NPC Junior National Bikini Championships – 6th Place
2012 IFBB Arnold Amateur Bikini Championships – Overall
2011 NPC Nationals Bikini Championships – 7th Place
2011 NPC Natural Northern USA Championships – Overall
2011 NPC Elite Physique Bikini Championships – Overall

Training Schedule:
Ashley Kaltwasser- “Basic” Training week

4×10 deep squats Smith Machine
4×10 prone hamstring curl
3×10 ea. leg Pistol Squats
3×10 straight leg dead lifts
3×10 sumo squats with dumbbell
3×20 calf raise
* reps vary
* some exercises may be superset with lunges depending on training/periodization.

Tuesday-Chest/Triceps & Cardio
4×10 dumbell bench press (alternate flat & incline)
3×10 pec fly
3×10 tricep rope push down
3×10 weighted bench dips
3×20 tricep push ups
25 minutes cardio-Stepmill or Jacobs Ladder Intervals

Kaltwasser-Gaspari-Collage1-800x800Wednesday- Back/Biceps
4×8-10 WG Pull ups
3×10 cable rows*
3×10 TRX rows*
3×10 reverse hypers on high plyo box
3×15 hammer curls into lateral raises
* Some may be performed as supersets. Cross training exercises such as Med Ball slams & Battling ropes may be added.

Thursday-Glutes & Cardio
3×15 resistance band kick backs
3×10 plyometric box jumps
3×10 one legged dead lifts with dumbbell
3×15 glute kick ups on hamstring curl machine or 3x 5 Glute Ham Raise
* Some exercises may be performed in a circuit or as supersets.
Cardio: 30 minutes high incline treadmill, long strides

Saturday-Shoulders & Cardio:
4×12-6 dumbbell shoulder press or handstand push ups
3×10 quarter laterals with dumbbells
3×8 front and side lateral combo
3×10 TRX rear delt to a T
Cardio: boot camp

Sunday: REST


Ashley Kaltwasser can be contacted for guest appearances, seminars & modeling exclusively through FMG via

evolutionofbodybuilding.net would like to thank J.M Manion and NPC News online for their contribution to this feature.


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