IFBB Bikini competitor Michelle Brannan

michelle 4Michelle Brannan is the first UK Athlete to earn IFBB Professional status through competing in the Bikini Class, representing United Kingdom on behalf of UKBFF at IFBB Amateur European Championships, the first ever Arnold Classic Europe and the IFBB Amateur World Championships, winning Ms Bikini Amateur Olympia 2011 and being awarded Pro status in less than a year of competing with UKBFF.

Michelle has featured in a number of magazines such as FLEX, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers US, Muscular Development, UltraFit, Woman and Womens Running.

michelle 2Michelle’s background is in competitive Latin Dance, She has a UKA certified to teach Lambada and have performed with European Team Salsa Champion dance group, Diablo Dance Company across the UK and Europe.

Throughout her childhood, she never really took part in any sports or activities, Michelle was never very sporty or into Fitness and healthy eating. When Michelle was 18, she took her first dance class and never looked back. Michelle became interested in fitness through her love of dance when she was looking for a course to gain insurance to teach dance in a gym. In 2008, Michelle enrolled onto a Fitness Instructing course and began reading about fitness and researching ideas.

In 2009, she came across some video clips of womens physique shows and her interest was drawn to the newly formed Bikini class, those women had amazing bodies and Michelle decided she wanted to train to get a physique like that.  Michelle worked hard on not losing too much weight but changing the composition of her body, in the first 6 months she dropped 6% bodyfat and gained more lean tissue.  Michelle did not weigh much different but her new exercise regime gave her a smaller waist and more shaper legs.

Michelle started competing in 2010 and won her first show, and after the first day on stage she was totally hooked.  Michelle is very results driven so to be able to see the results of her hard work directly was great for her and also she loved the feeling of being on stage.  Over the past year Michelle has been working on improving her physique, she has become stronger not only physically but mentallly too. Michelle has learnt that with a vision, total focus and hard work you can achieve your goals.

Michelle’s Qualifications:michelle 1
Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Level 3 OLQA3) – completion 2012
Certificate in Personal Training (Level 3 Premier Global Active IQ)
Certificate in Active Isolated Stretching (Premier Global)
Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Level 2 CYMCA)
UKA Certified Lambada Instructor
A Level qualifications in Human Biology, Business Studies and English Language (grades A-D)

Founder of ShowGirl Fitness – Competitive and Online Training Team
IFBB Professional Athlete
First UK Bikini Olympian
Drug tested in accordance with WADA at IFBB World Championships
Writer/contributor to Muscle and Fitness Magazine
Danced with Diablo Dance Company (Twice European Salsa Team Champions)
Taught and performed Lambada and Salsa across UK and Europe
ISTD Medalist exams and competitions
Various Fitness Modelling assignments
Featured in Muscle and Fitness, FLEX, UltraFIT, Muscular Development, The Beef, Womens Running and more…
Hosted Sky TV show as Presenter and Trainer

Contest History
IFBB Evls Prague Pro 2013 – Bikini Class – 4th place
IFBB Ms Bikini Olympia – Sept 2013michelle 5
IFBB Nordic Pro 2-13 – Bikini Class – 2nd place
IFBB Evls Prague Pro 2012 – Bikini Class – 5th place
IFBB British Grand Prix Pro 2012 – Bikini Class – 1st place (Olympia qualified)
IFBB Toronto Pro 2012 – 9th place Bikini Class
IFBB St Louis Pro 2012 – 4th place Bikini class
IFBB World Championships 2011 – 3rd Bikini Class (Drug tested & Pro Card earned)
IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 2011 – 3rd place Bikini Class
IFBB European Championships – 5th place Bikini class
IFBB Ms Bikini Amateur Olympia 2011 – 1st place
UKBFF Mr Hercules 2010 – 1st place Bikini class
Ms Bikini Fitness Britain  – 2nd place
Ms Bikini FAME British Championships 2010 – 1st place

Official website: michellebrannan.com