perfect partnership

A perfect partnership between the IFBB and China.

The IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro continue to grow on a daily basis. Reaching out to countries that want to host their prestigious amateur and pro events.

In a historical meeting between IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja, the Chinese local government authorities and the Chinese IFBB Federation, the contract was signed for the 2018 IFBB Belt & Road Championships.

The 2018 IFBB Belt & Road Championships will be a amateur show in which any competitor from all affiliated IFBB nations can compete in.

The event will be supported by the Xi’an Government and Nan Men Square will be the spectacular venue. The competition will have a historical opening ceremony in front of the Shout Gate of the ancient city wall. This gate, known as “eternal peace” – Yongning, in Chinese, is only opened for very special circumstances, and this time it will be for the IFBB Belt & Road Championship.

A record $80,000 will be awarded to the best competitors in this contest as well.

This event is planned for 17-22 September 2018.

As well a IFBB Elite Pro event is also planned for November 2018 in Beijing. Over $75,000 will be up for grabs at this event as well.