IFBB Classic Physique

IFBB Classic Physique: New Division for the 2018 Arnold Classic Europe.

The IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) organizing committee are always looking at ways to improve the sport.

As previously announced, the new IFBB Division “Classic Physique” will make its international debut at the 2018 Arnold Classic Europe between September 27 to 30, in Barcelona (Spain). The new Inspection Report of the event has been already updated, including the 5 official categories that will be included in the Running Order:

    • up to 168 cm
    • up to 171 cm
    • up to 175 cm
    • up to 180 cm
    • over 180 cm

The Classic Physique Division has weight limits, depending on the height. The lower limit, for athletes under 168 cm, is +4 kilos, above the Height (in cm) minus the value “100”. The upper limit, for athletes over 198 cm, is +17 kilos, above the Height (in cm) minus the value “100”.

Regarding the attire, that athletes must wear a larger one-colour swimsuit, that completely covers the buttocks area. Detailed rules can be found on the official IFBB website (www.ifbb.com).

** Please note that Classic Physique will not be replacing Classic Bodybuilding.