IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol

IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol for Athletes, Officials and Spectators.

Protocol may vary in various countries depending on government restrictions.

The bodybuilding and fitness world suffered heavily due to the large number of coronavirus infections all over the world.

With gyms shutdown and competitions cancelled or postponed, athletes were desperate to find some kind of norm win regards to training and hopefully competing.

Some professional bodybuilders and athletes were lucky to have friends or their own private gyms. These athletes were not affected when it came to training.

With the competition season starting to slowly get back to normal, the IFBB created the IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol.

This four page set of rules was drafted for the sole purpose of making sure all athletes, judges and spectators are kept safe.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net‘s Kevin Grech spoke to IFBB President Rafael Santonja about the safety precautions related to the events that are planned in the coming weeks.

Dr. Santonja said the IFBB will take every precaution necessary to keep everybody attending IFBB’s events safe in relation to the coronavirus.

Below is the protocol as sent to Evolutionofbodybuilding.net from IFBB’s Headquarters in Spain.

Download the full document in PDF format: Click HERE.

IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol IFBB Covid-19 Competition Protocol