IFBB Elite Pro Men's Bodybuilding 2018 lineup

IFBB Elite Pro Men’s Bodybuilding 2018 lineup

The 2017 season has passed and now we look forward to an exciting 2018 season in the bodybuilding world.

2017 ended on a shaky note, with the NPC/IFBB Pro League and the IFBB International going their separate ways.

The IFBB International did not just site back, they created their own professional league called the IFBB Elite Pro. This new league immediately gained popularity and hundreds of athletes have already made their decision to compete with this federation.

As well the IFBB International has also created the new sister association in the USA called IFBB Physique America headed by super promoter Wayne DeMilia.

The IFBB Pro League will continue as usual, but the only amateur federation feeding them athletes will be the NPC rather than the IFBB International as previous years.

Obviously American and Canadian athletes will take the decision to compete with the NPC/IFBB Pro League, but considering their are 196 countries affiliated with the IFBB International, the IFBB Elite Pro League will start with a very strong foundation.

Contrary to what many are preaching that the Mr. Olympia (owned by AMI) is the ultimate in competitions, one must not forget the IFBB International have the World Championships, which is just as prestigious as athletes compete against the best in the world. As well we must not forget the Arnold Classic taking place in Brazil, South Africa and the popular edition in Barcelona.

As well one must remember athletes from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen will have a very hard time getting into the USA thanks to the ban American President Donald Trump has made. So what is the use qualifying for the Olympia when you can’t compete in it?

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Now that 2018 has arrived, we can now look forward to an exciting year with the IFBB International and the IFBB Elite Pro League. Already a great contest schedule has been put together with a great amount of prize money to be won.

As well at the end of the contest season, amateur athletes will as well be awarded prize money according to their ranking.

Many fans have been wondering who the athletes will be in the Men’s Bodybuilding category with the IFBB Elite Pro.

Thanks to the website Ronnie.cz  a list was published giving us a great indication of what to look forward to in the 2018 contest season.

Many of the faces are new for some, but the bodybuilding world can be sure we will have a very exciting competition season in 2018 with these new faces bringing us some fresh talent to the stage.

Here is a list of what athletes you will be seeing on the IFBB Elite Pro stage in 2018:

Benabdellah Abdelkader  – Algeria
Athanasios Alympakis  – Greece
Hossein Jalali Arzanagh – Iran
Rui Baptista – Portugal
Nicola Barlotta – Italy
Enrique Martinez Bravo – Mexico
Aaron Medina Casillas – Mexico
Mohamed Djamed – Algeria
Dalibor Hájek – Czech Republic
Andrzej Kołodziejczyk – Poland
Szymon Lada – Poland
Lorenzo Leeuwe – Netherlands
Zohir Mihoubi – Algeria
Michael Muzo – Netherlands
Fabio Petruio – Italy
Arturo Esquivel Ramirez – Mexico
Konstantinos Slefanidis – Greece
Jan Turek – Czech Republic
Mattia Vecchi – Italy
Thanos Alibakis – Greece
Gregory Bellot – Spain
Carlos Blanco – Spain
Rafael Cabrera – Dominican Republic
Raul Carrasco – Spain
Luke Debono – Malta
Jonas Filho – Brazil
Raul Cesar Gutierrez – Spain
Marcos Herrera – Spain
Tomáš Kašpar – Czech Republic
Jimmy Gomes Lima – Luxembourg
Carlos Nunes – South African Republic
Sandro Ramirez – Dominican Republic
Dmitrii Semenin – Russia
Mika Sihvonen – Finland
Maroun Michel Srour – Brazil
Mveliso Tapi – South African Republic
Yilberto Vasquez – Dominican Republic
Roman Vavrečan – Slovakia
Ivan Vodyanov – Russia
Peter Wilenius – Finland

All of these athletes have turned pro by winning overall contests at regional shows, IFBB Diamond Cup, European Championships or the Arnold Classic.

We can’t wait to see them battle on stage!!