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2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships – A new era in bodybuilding and fitness.

The 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships will be taking place 1-3 November, 2019 in Tarragona Spain.

This is the second edition of this great contest that brings the best IFBB Elite Pro athletes from all over the world to compete for the ultimate prize.

The first edition in 2018 was true spectacle. The fantastic stage setup and the presentation of the athletes was at the highest level.

The ultimate prize can be called many things, but being called a World Champion is something truly special.

The IFBB Elite Pro athletes will qualify for this great event by winning shows or by placing at the top of their division in the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Rankings.

While the NPC/Pro League organize the Olympia Weekend, the 2019 version of this show has been tainted by numerous controversial events off the stage. Rape charges against the 2018 winner Shawn Rhoden, Nathan De Asha’s court proceedings related to selling steroids and some of the top athletes pulling out are just some of the events destroying the glorious history of this show.

The creation of the IFBB Elite Pro League

Since the split in 2017 between the IFBB and the NPC/Pro League, the majority of NPC/Pro League supporters mocked the newly formed IFBB Elite Pro league and tried everything possible to make this new pro division sound worthless.

The NPC/Pro League supporters did not take into consideration that in reality the IFBB Elite Pro League was not actually a new pro league, but it was a pro league built on the foundations that Joe and Ben Weider built since they created the IFBB. IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja is continuing to make the Weider brothers dream become reality.

The IFBB Elite Pro League only took a few hours to create. The foundations were all in place and after the split, the NPC/Pro League were literally left on their own without the IFBB pumping new amateur athletes into their system as new professionals.

IFBB Elite Pro athletes – The stars of the future

We cannot deny that a number of Olympia champions and Pro League athletes still make the headlines and are the crowd favorites.

The popularity of the Olympia Weekend cannot be denied, it was promoted by the IFBB for 52 years before the split and in the last two years without the IFBB, the Olympia Weekend has had its up and downs. A breath of fresh air is Dan Solomon taking over the helm as Chief Olympia Officer, replacing Robin Chang. It is a shame he has had to face all these troubles in his first year in-charge.

Getting back to the IFBB Elite Pro athletes, there is a new generation of pro athletes that are gaining popularity competition after competition. These athletes are much more consistent when it comes to competing as they compete much more regardless if they qualify for the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships, they still make it a point to stay active and compete.

There was a time when NPC/Pro League supporters looked down at these athletes, referring to them as second class or below average, but fast forward two years and things have changed drastically.

The refined physiques of all the IFBB Elite Pro athletes are making people look twice.

The IFBB Elite Pro World Championships will cater to Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Men’s Classic Physique, Women’s Bikini Fitness, Women’s Body Fitness, Women’s Wellness Fitness, Women’s Physique and Women’s Fitness.

The road to greatness

Where do these Elite Pro athletes come from? This is a question that many ask and it can easily be answered.

Contrary to the ‘You win and you’re in’, the IFBB in reality make it difficult to become a IFBB Elite Pro. This does not mean the IFBB are there to make life difficult for the athletes, but they want the athletes to be prepared to represent themselves and their country in the best possible way as a pro athlete.

By the time an IFBB amateur becomes a pro, they are in reality already seasoned athletes. It is not just a one show thing where you become a pro on your first try.

IFBB amateur athletes start competing at regional shows and then eventually qualify for prestigious competitions. The IFBB Diamond Cup series of events that are organized all over the world, the prestigious IFBB European and World Amateur Champions are just some of the fantastic shows that give the opportunity to the athletes to win the IFBB Elite Pro Card.

There is a big trend at the moment, especially in the bodybuilding division within the IFBB amateur division. The athletes earn their IFBB Elite Pro status for example at a diamond Cup event, but they put it on hold to try to win the prestigious IFBB European World Championships or the IFBB World Amateur Championships.

All these factors turn the young amateur athlete into a seasoned athlete, ready for the pro stage.

The main factor that many have been criticizing the NPC/Pro League for is their new pro athletes literally disappear. You might see the occasional status name change on their social media pages. With over a thousand NPC/Pro League cards handed out in 2018, maybe only a dozen continue to compete in the pro ranks within the NPC/Pro League. This is a situation the IFBB Elite Pro and the NPC/Pro League have to watch closely.

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ifbb elite pro new era
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