IFBB European Championships - Day 1

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB European Championships – Day 1.

The 2019 IFBB European Bodybuilding and Fitness championships first day of competition has come and gone.

The first day of competition could not have been organized any better.

The venue is fantastic with a very large stage to accommodate the large amount of athletes and everything was organized from the seating of spectators and the great space for the press.

The day did not start with competitions immediately as the 2019 IFBB/EBFF Congress took place at the main hotel before the show.

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja and his Executive committee presented the financial results of the previous year (2018). As well during the congress, new projects and updates on various matters regarding competitions, Olympic recognition and matters regarding the IFBB Elite Pro League were discussed.

The big news that was revealed during the congress is that bodybuilding has been included in the list of sport disciplines in the World Games. 

The results from the Congress are very positive with proof that the IFBB  is continuing to grow and expand all over the world with fantastic bodybuilding and fitness events.

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja and his team are travelling all over the world 365 days a year continuously promoting the IFBB’s events. Important meetings are held on a daily basis to organize spectacular events in every corner of the world. Without the dedication of President Dr. Rafael Santonja and his team, the sport would not have the success it is having today.

Dr. Santonja has continued on the path that Ben Weidere started and Ben’s dreams are finally becoming a reality.

On another note, Evolutionofbodybuilding.net’s Owner/Editor Kevin Grech was truly shocked and honored for being recognized by President Dr. Rafael Santonja and the IFBB for its journalistic contribution to promoting the sport of bodybuilding and fitness. Kevin Grech received the prestigious Silver Medal award from the President during the congress.

After the congress, the delegates immediately made their way to the venue to start the first day of competition.

The first day of competition took over nine hours to complete with the large amounts of athletes competing.

The categories for the first day were Junior/Masters Classic Bodybuilding, Masters Bodybuilding and Mixed Pairs.

The judges did a fantastic job of selecting the winners for the day. They handled a truly stressful part of the competition perfectly.

All the athletes prepared themselves perfectly for this competition. The competition was at a very high standard with all athletes following the strict guidelines of their disciplines.

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IFBB European Championships - Day 1