IFBB Kazakhstan recognized

IFBB Kazakhstan recognized by the National Olympic Committee.

Led by its president, Mr. Alexander Kolyuka, the Kazakhstan Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation has been fully recognized by the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan (HOK), in another important step forward for our sports in its integration into the Olympics.

This is another great achievement for the IFBB. As Ben Weider always dreamed of the IFBB being associated with the Olympics, IFBB President Rafael Santonja and his committee continue on this great path that is now becoming a reality.

The HOK General Secretary, Mr. Saken Mussaibevok; confirmed the recognition for Bodybuilding in Kazakhstan, with an official letter, addressed to National Federation, several days before the country held the 2019 IFBB Central Asian Championships, celebrated in Astana.

Dr. Rafael Santonja, congratulated officially, on behalf of the IFBB, to President Kolyuka for his great commitment with our sports and this great achievement.

IFBB President will congratulate President Kolyuka personally at the coming next AFBF Asian Championships that will take place in China, end of July.

Athletes from Kazakhstan have been participating in great number at the most important international events during the recent years in return achieving important medals and titles.

Mr. Alexander Kolyuka -president of the Kazakhstan Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation-, at the recent IFBB Central Asian Championships, held in Astana.