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IFBB statement regarding comments made by Mr Kamal Elgargni

Based on the recent statements made by Kamal Abdul Salam Abdul Rahman on various video interviews, the IFBB wishes to inform that:

• The athlete Mr Kamal Abdul Salam Abdul Rahman was suspended in April 27 2014, for a period of 8 years, by the Qatar Anti Doping Commission (see attachment QADO), in a resolution adopted by this body, due to multiple Anti-Doping Rule violations

•  the athlete has been insistently requesting a Pro Card, which approval for it was denied by the IFBB, based no more no less on this suspension, and with due respect to the WADA Code, Qatar Anti Doping Committee and involved parties

•  Mr. Kamal is fully aware of his situation therefore he is deliberately lying in public

•  Mr. Manion and Pro League were fully aware on the case, being informed several times by IFBB, last time in March 2017

•  once again Mr Manion and the Pro League have violated international rules, abusing and tarnishing the image of third parties

• Mr. Jim Manion, President of the NPC (National Physique Committee- USA) and President of the Pro League is included in the WADA List of Prohibited Associations

The documents below show proof of Kamal’s suspension: