IFBB Olympics argentina

IFBB & Olympics: A great success in Argentina.

A resounding success for Bodybuilding & Fitness in its presentation to ODESUR, at the 2019 South American Beach Games celebrated in Rosario (Argentina) from March 14 until Saturday 23, 2019.

With athletes various countries participating in these Games organized by the Olympic Committee of Argentina and the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR), the competition in Bikini Fitness, Men’s Physique, Classic Bodybuilding and Men’s & Women’s Fitness has been a new step forward for the IFBB, in its progressive integration into the Olympics.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja attended the Games, joined by CSFF executives.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja and his team worked on preparing the new steps for the IFBB as it will be participating at the South American Games in Paraguay 2022.

Regarding this project, Dr. Santonja spoke in Rosario with ODESUR and the Paraguayan Olympic Committee, Mr. Camilo Pérez, who attended the Bodybuilding & Fitness competition and was presented an award by the IFBB in the Opening ceremony.

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