Marvin Chappell

Marvin Chappell, former NPC Chairman of Virginia and Washington DC, has been named IFBB Physique America Vice President of the Middle Atlantic states which includes Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the Washington DC area.

Again, IFBB Physique America is lucky and honored to have a man with the vast experience of Marvin Chappell joining our new Federation. His organizational skills and promotional knowledge is second to none” exclaims IFBB Physique America CEO/President Wayne S. DeMilia. Marvin has been involved in the sport for 40 years as a competitor, official, promoter and a trainer. He immediately named Eric Bethune as his Vice Chairman. Eric is the 2013 NPC Jr. USA Superheavyweight Champion, a promoter and in his “real life” he is a space engineer for Raytheon. “Again, this is another great individual to be involved with IFBB Physique America” stated DeMilia.

Then recognizing the massive amounts of women’s competitors at events, Marvin named former competitor and promoter Peggy Golden Hayes at his women’s rep to oversee women’s competitions in the region. Marvin followed up by naming former competitor D’Shawn Wright as his chief promoter in the region.

Picture: Marvin Chappell (center), joined by IFBB Physique America CEO, Mr. Wayne DeMilia and his executive team for Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the Washington DC area.