IFBB President Santonja Cup - Nafplio, Greece 22-24 May, 2020

IFBB President Santonja Cup – Nafplio, Greece 22-24 May, 2020.

Greece is the place to be for the third edition of the 2020 IFBB President Santonja Cup.

The event is taking place in Nafplio, Greece at the Municipal Stadium of Nafplio.

The competition is a IFBB Elite Pro qualifier and also points will be awarded towards the IFBB Amateur World Ranking.

The competition is open to all federations affiliated to the IFBB.


  • The top 6 athletes in each category will be awarded with a medal, trophy and certificate.
  • Overall in each discipline will also receive a trophy.
  • The top 5 athletes in Men’s and Women’s senior categories will be awarded points towards the 2020 IFBB Amateur World Rankings according to the World Ranking rules.
  • 24 IFBB Elite Pro cards will be awarded: 10 in Men’s categories, 7 in Women’s categories and 7 in Masters categories.

Men’s Categories

Junior Men’s Bodybuilding 16-23 Years
Junior Men’s Physique 16-23 Years
Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-44 Years
Master Men’s Bodybuilding 45-49 Years
Master Men’s Bodybuilding 50-54 Years
Master Men’s Bodybuilding Over 55 Years
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
Men’s Bodybuilding
Men’s Classic Physique
Men’s Physique
Muscular Men’s Physique
Master Men’s Physique +40 Years

Women’s Categories

Junior Women’s Bikini Fitness 16-23 Years
Women’s Bikini Fitness
Women’s Wellness Fitness
Women’s Bodyfitness
Women’s Physique
Master Women’s Bikini Fitness
Master Women’s Bikini Fitness over 40 Years
Master Women’s BodyFitness over 35-39 Years
Master Women’s BodyFitness over 40 Years
Master Women’s Physique
Women’s Fitness
Women’s Fit-Model