IFBB President Santonja cup

IFBB President Santonja’s Cup: Provisional Running Order of Events.

In order to help the athletes to prepare for the 2nd IFBB President Santonja’s Cup to be held between the 5 to 6 April in Nafplio (Greece), this is the PROVISIONAL order of categories to be celebrated:

  1. Master Men’s Physique
  2. Men’s Physique
  3. Junior Bikini Fitness
  4. Bodyfitness
  5. Master Bikini Fitness
  6. Master Bodyfitness
  7. Master Classic Bodybuilding
  8. Classic Physique
  9. Muscular Men´s Physique
  10. Classic Bodybuilding
  11. Master Bodybuilding
  12. Wellness
  13. Bikini Fitness
  14. Bodybuilding

The competition will start, on Saturday 6 April at 10:00am.

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