FEATURE: Training legs

FEATURE: Training legs with IFBB Pro Nicolas Vullioud.

IFBB Pro Nicolas Vullioud is preparing for his show in Portugal 14-15 July, 2018.

Not too many athletes talk about their training routines, but we are lucky to have Nicolas sharing his knowledge with the bodybuilding world.

Nicolas is not a tall athlete but one thing is for sure, he made up for this by packing on a lot of muscle on such a small frame.

One of Vullioud’s best body parts is his legs. He has long sweeping hamstrings and massive quads.

Today we bring you one of Nicolas’ leg training routines. One must remember that Nicolas is less than a month away from competing.

Heavy weight and SST (Sarcoplasmus stimulating training).

1. Leg Extension
2x heavy 12-15 reps
1x 5 reps with 6 drops and superslow reps at the end
1x cluster: 3×5 reps 10″ rest + 6 positive reps
2. Vertical Press
2x 12-15 heavy reps
1x 5 reps with 4 drops full tension
3. Giant SST set:
Hack Squat 10 reps
Walking lunges
Hack Squat 6-7 reps (-20% weight)
Waking lunges
Hack Squat 3 positive reps (-20% weight)
4. Leg Press (video)
1x 12/10/8/6/4 reps (same weight and 10″ rest but under tension)
1x 10 reps legs open, 10x basic position, 10x close position
5. Abductors/Adductors machines
3x 12-15 reps
6. Stairs Masters 10 minutes (last minute two steps by two)