IFBB's growth continues

IFBB’s growth continues with increase in athlete participation.

The 2018 IFBB European Championships has come and gone.

The event was very successful with over 1000 competitors registering to compete.

The actual number of contestants was 1158, worn by the last athlete to register, Oliwia Mojsiej from Poland.

Oliwia competed in the Bikini Fitness Super Tall Class (Over 172cm), she placed 9th in a category of 19 athletes..

The number 1158 shows the strength of the IFBB. The federation is capable and prepared to handle the large number of competitors in every detail.

The venue was very organized with everything needed for the athletes. From tanning to photography to transport back and forth to the hotels that were near by as well.

With numerous competitions already planned every weekend, the IFBB is growing not yearly by weekly. The IFBB Amateur World Championships and IFBB Pro World Championships will be the goal for every competitor at the end of the season.

Amateur athletes are earning points that go towards their ranking at the end of the year which results in prize money and IFBB Elite Pro Cards for the top athletes.

The IFBB Diamond Cup series of competitions is another prestigious title that is being organized in a number of European countries. These events are especially popular for athletes in the region. Low travel costs makes it even easier for athletes to represent their countries on a number of occasions.

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