IFITPRO – A Brand name set to be global soon.

By Hamed Abdolmaleki

Pioneers of women’s sport development in Iran. A Brand name set to be global soon

One of the long lasting companies in Iranian sports, especially in women sports development, is called “Ifit”. It started its job several years ago and now intends to be a global brand name.

Ifitpro” which is an investment holding or Mother Company active in sports services, was founded in 1998 and now it is known as one of the pioneers of sports development especially in Club Management Industry.

Ifitpro has taken major and positive steps toward sports development in Iran particularly for women. One of the main goals of this company focuses on increasing sport per capita for Iranian women. This company has some subsets among them are two clubs “CNCLUB” and “BLOCK68”, both are specialist in women fitness and bodybuilding.

CNCLUB, a complex exclusively for women, was established by Ifit pro Holding in Tehran in an area of 3000 square meters in 2007. This club has a bodybuilding gym with an area of one thousand square meters in which there are latest equipments and there is also a studio for group sports in an area of 280 square meters.

In this club some services are given including training sessions of TRX, Crossfit and all stretching practices like Barosel, Yoga, Power Yoga, Body Balance, Taichi, Pilates and also group sports such as Body combat, Body Attack, Body Pump and Bicycle. Massage and spa sevices in a lovely and unique environment are among the other facilities of this complex. Currently this complex has 5000 members and 44 trainers and gives services to near one thousand women on daily basis.

The other complex, BLOCK68 was established in 2015 in an area of 2500 square meters. This club in two separate floors is equipped with modern machines and gives services similar to CNCLUB’s. It has 5000 member and 40 famous and distinct trainers currently.

“Iranian women due to their country law, shortage of appropriate places for their practices, male chauvinist attitude in families and lack of good trainers, have less physical activities in comparison to the men. For them there are less sport facilities than for men. So one of our main objectives in this company is providing women’s sports with suitable infrastructures”, said Yasaman Hejazi, board member of IFitpro, who is also the manager of CNCLUB and BLOCK68

“All of current trainers of our clubs have passed through certain disciplines and they have official and international certificates. Several years after the foundation of our company, now we can say proudly that we have introduces so many champions to Iran sport. We are also happy that every day the number of people who come to our clubs increases”,Hejazi added. Meanwhile stats in Iran show daily increase in the number of fans of modern sports such as Crossfit, Pilates and TRX.

It is worth noting that Ifit is a science-based company and it goes ahead according to the latest scientific achievements. Yasaman Hejazi and her colleagues are trying to transform their company to a world class sport organization within 10 years. Annually, part of their big company is dedicated to charity actions. Ifit is a leading company in the area of social responsibility and it has managed so many campaigns helping sustainable employment in deprived villages.

Yasaman Hejazi