Imagine Phil Heath and Kai Greene as WWE Tag Team Champions

Phil Heath teases his fans by posting an artwork depicting himself as a tag team champion with Kai Greene.

Phil Heath Kai Greene WWE

Imagine Phil Heath and Kai Greene as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Just a few days after artist Haidar published a photo of Kai Greene as a WWE World Champion, he produced another artwork depicting Kai Greene and Phil Heath as Tag Team Champions.

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The moment this website published the article about Kai Greene, fans of bodybuilding and wrestling went crazy dreaming if Kai would actually step in the wrestling ring.

Legendary bodybuilder Lee Priest did not think the same as he thought the article was a waste of time. As fans turned against the rebellious Lee Priest, he actually removed the post he created on’s official Instagram page.

When’s owner asked why he removed his post, Lee’s excuse was that he did not want to give this website any promotion. It looks as Lee could not take the heat from the comments against him.

Getting back to Phil Heath and Kai Greene, the 7X Mr. Olympia continued to make fans dream with his latest post in relation to the image created by Haidar.

Along with the photo, Phil wrote:

In honor of @wwe “Wrestlemania 36” why not throw something new to our imaginations shall we? “This match is scheduled for one Fall. Making their way to the ring, fresh out of “Stay Yo Ass At Home Order”, weighing in at a combined weight of 585lbs shredded pounds!!! Your current tag team champions…..(insert our tag team name)!!!!! Yo @kaigreene “thoughts become things” right?! These comments I’m sure will be fire!!! Have a safe and pleasant day everyone. I appreciate you all and hope you’re continuing to stay positive and healthy, physically, mentally and especially emotionally during these times. Let’s continue do our best to be the light for others. 😉

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Obviously, this will most probably not happen, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming in a time the entire world is being attacked by the coronavirus.

Moments after Phil Heath published the photo, he and Kai started to trade words.

Phillip belt gotta be covering the bubble gut huh – Kai Greene
Kai Greene it sure ain’t big enough to cover all of my Sandows that’s for sure but hey you have no clue but carry on ☕️ – Phil Heath
Phil Heath I’ll take a Splenda if you’re passing over a coffee black thank you – Kai Greene
Kai greene one or two? – Phil Heath
That was not all, Kai went on t o mention the battle between Dexter Jackson and Shawn Ray.

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Kai Greene started the discussion:

We need @mrolympia08 & @shawnrayifbbpro drama in this comment chat right now 🤣🤣 I want it allllll and Shawn.. bring that sexy eyeee bae bae Toupee with ya for your boy I’m bout to rock that real nice – Kai Greene

Kai Greene broooooo not the Toupee and eye liner – Phil Heath

Phil Heath that valuetainment dude is wild. Loll – Kai Greene

Kai Greene hey my guy Patrick Bet-David has an amazing platform and Shawn and Dex definitely took advantage of it – Phil Heath

We hope for of these type of conversations take place during this quiet time in the bodybuilding season.