, one of the biggest supplement online stores in the world is heading into the Christmas holidays as they would like to.

At one point hosted the Mr. Olympia Live feed for a number of years, worked with some of the biggest names in the sport such as Bob Cicherillo and Dan Solomon and as well hosted a number of high-end fitness shows with some of the best names in the industry.

It seems the vast number of supplement companies and customers purchasing direct from the internet has taken its toll on’s profits.

90 employees (15% of their staff) went to work as usual last Thursday at their office in Boise, Idaho. They would then be notified that their would be lay offs in the company.

By 9.45am, employees were already seen leaving the building with their private belongings according to reports from

Director of Offline Marketing Keith Sivera, who was not among those who lost their jobs, confirmed that about 90 people were laid off Thursday. It’s unclear whether the company is planning additional layoffs. released an official statement Thursday morning.

“Today announced an organizational downsizing,” the statement read. “The change is part of an ongoing planned restructure designed to strengthen’s core business and reach a wider set of customers.”

According to the Department of Labor, employs about 500 people in Boise. The company launched in 1999.