Coach Eric “Merlin” Broser who is a long time contributor to this site has just made another big step in his already successful career in the fitness industry.

Eric tells us about his latest collaboration with ALLMAX Nutrition

“Over the last thirteen years I have worked with many different companies in many different facets, and have gained a priceless amount of experience and insight into how the supplement-side of the industry works, and how each brand approaches it.

I must admit that I have witnessed quite a lot of good, but unfortunately also some bad and even ugly. Toward the end of 2016 I began researching several top brands with the intention of finding a company that truly shares my vision, sincerely cares about its customers, and that makes sure their manufacturing, raw materials, and finished products are of the highest possible quality.

You see, some of the major reasons I have been blessed over the last 25 years with success in the industry I love is that I refuse to BS people, and make sure to treat everyone with respect, while being as honest and straight forward as possible. I love helping people, whether it is through my training, videos, articles, books, social media posts or any other way I can make a connection.

And THIS is precisely why I have chosen to team up with ALLMAX Nutrition and all of the awesome people that drive this company forward. ALLMAX checks every box on my personal list of what a top-level brand needs to be in this day and age. Not only do they produce a full line of effective, safe, scientifically designed, research proven and properly dosed products, but they are constantly looking for ways to keep improving and innovating. ‘Complacency’ is not a word in this company’s vocabulary.

Just a vital is the fact that they understand that supplements cannot do the job on their own and that it is important to not just provide consumers with pills and powders, but actual ‘solutions’ to the ‘problems’ all of us gym-goers face: ‘How can I gain muscle, lose fat, get healthier, feel stronger (mentally and physically) and/or perform better?’ The people of ALLMAX want to provide their customers with ALL OF THE TOOLS they need to succeed, from the best sports supplements to the most effective dietary, training and mental strategies that will assist every individual in reaching their own unique goals.

Yes, this is the brand I have chosen to team up with, represent, promote and stand by for many years to come – and I am very proud and honored they asked me to be part of something so special.” – Eric Broser

Eric Broser aka “Merlin”
-CEO B Built International
-Columnist for FLEXIron ManNatural Muscle & 
-Creator of the ESPX2™FTX2™, PRRS™, FDFS™ and O-Bey-6™ Training Systems