IFBB Elite Pro Canada
Montréal, Quebec Canada

Official Media Release

IFBB Elite Pro Canada welcomes Matt and David as media team for Elite Physique Magazine (www.elitephysiquemagazine.com) as an Official Media Partner to the IFBB Elite Pro –Q and Pro Show series in Canada as well with the Diamond Cup Canadian series of events.
Thou a new entrant to the online publication and social media world for fitness and bodybuilding events and media exposure and coverage, the team of gentlemen have been in integral part of our Canadian media for the Canadian Body Building Federation (CBBF) and bring a wealth of expertise in what they do.

Elite Physique Magazine joins our other partner, Evolution Of Bodybuilding as key role players to IFBB Elite Pro Canada.

We look forward to the ongoing teamwork and cooperation with our other Official Media Partners over the upcoming season.

www.elitephysiquemagazine.com | IG: @elitephysiquemagazineElite Physique Magazine

Elite Physique Magazine