WATCH: INSIDE OUT – The new show with Johnny Styles and David Baye.

A breath of fresh air for the bodybuilding and fitness industry and especially for those that watch a lot of podcasts related to the sport.

Johnny Styles and David Baye team up to bring you the new show ‘Inside Out’.

Everybody knows Johnny Styles for his vast experience on producing amazing shows in the past with and other private projects. Always smiling, Johnny will surely bring something different to the show as usually he is behind the camera and not in front of it.


David Baye is one of the good guys of the sport of bodybuilding. His vast experience with Muscular Development, running the website and giving extensive show coverage will be a true asset to the show.

David is one of the most dedicated guys in the business, he will sit through a entire contest with hundreds of athletes to give a detailed review of all the classes!

David and Johnny’s detailed competition reviews are one of the best with honest opinions.

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