Int. Austrian Championship 2018

International Austrian Championship 2018 – Men Physique (MP) up to 178cm review.

By Dr. Wolfgang Schober continue with a detailed series of reviews from the International Austrian Championships that took place on 29 April, 2018.

Our great friend Dr. Wolfgang Schober gives detailed reviews of why the competitors placed as they did.

Great advice that can help the athlete to get the best results in future competitions.

Men Physique (MP) up to 178 cm

Mathias Matloch (AUT, 6th place) made the leap into this tough final with a great fighter´s spirit. Mathias actually brings everything for a successful MP-athlete, but arrived on stage way too ripped for the MP class. Oliver Ringhofer (AUT, 5th place) is a very balanced athlete with good potential. If Oliver dehydrates a little less for the next competition, he will probably go further up front. Gergoe Lokár (AUT, 4th place) had probably done everything right in the gym and in the kitchen, but still has a lot of room for improvement in his presentation.

Ali Azimi (AUT, 3rd place) was an athlete who impressed enormously because of his muscle density and definition – but this is precisely the barrier for him for better rankings in the MP. Ali showed seperation on the triceps, had an impressive, well-separated back, and hit his muscles in bodybuilding style. Lots of bonus points in every other men’s category but not in the MP. Therefore, it seems to make sense for Ali to try in Classic Bodybuilding next time.

In the fight for gold, there was a big surprise. Christian “Lex” Lechner (AUT, 2nd place) the winner of the past years, was still in the lead after the semis. At the judges-panel nobody dared his eyes, when Lex did an absolute No Go for a successful MP-presentation in his I-walk: He showed a front double biceps pose!

The judges therefore had no choice but to incorporate this faux pas in their ratings accordingly. From this fundamental mistake profited the MP discovery of this championship Josef Kogler (AUT, 1st place). Joseph presented his thoroughly aesthetic body in a relaxed way, had exactly the level of definition that differentiates the MP from other male categories, and made himself the legitimate and deserved winner of the class. Chapeau Josef!

Photos: Silvia Schober