george farah 1The bodybuilding GURU will arrive in Prague for the Olympia Amateur Europe 2014 George Farah will speak on his secrets and tips in an exclusive seminar on June 6, 2014, in Prague!

You visited the 2013 Prague Pro. Did you manage to visit the city of Prague?

Yes I did briefly as I spent most of the time with my athletes making sure that they battle for the top honors in the best condition possible. I had at least five pros in the Men’s Open and 212 together…

Are there any special subjects or rather insights you recollect from the visit to the city?

Not really, because we didn’t have much time. But I really loved the mall in the center of the city (Palladium) and amazingly friendly people everywhere including the event especially.

As one of the best coaches in the world of pro bodybuilding, you have been working with multiple of the best athletes in the sport. Will you be able to tell which one of them is most easy or most difficult to work with?

All my athletes are pretty good and understanding overall but I used to have a little bit of difficulties with Dexter Jackson until he started seeing amazing results. Then we got on the same page and he is great now. The easiest I will say is Kai Greene as a bodybuilder and Dwayne The Rock Johnson as a celebrity. Both of these gentlemen execute the program perfectly.

What will be the highlights of your seminar in Prague to be enjoyed by the participants?

I am at their command to unveil any questions that they have in minds and the highlight should be every moment of the seminar because they will learn something only the elite are entitled to learn.

Will you follow the show closely to eventually pick a talent which you may help groom into one of the world’s future superstars?

Absolutely but of course they will need to make the initial contact if they are willing to take it to the next level.

You have been advising Lukas Osladil, the 212 Czech Pro since last November. Have you ever worked with any other Czech athlete before?

No Lukas was my first but hopefully I will get to work with more Czech athletes because I can see that you guys have many more talent to be discovered.

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