Iran dominate

RESULTS: Iran dominate 2018 IFBB Bodybuilding World Amateur Championships.

The second day of the 2018 IFBB Bodybuilding World Championships has come to an end.

The day was packed with action with Open Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique and Men’s Games Classic Bodybuilding entertaining the fans that attended.

Roshanzamirtabari Morteza of Iran was the star of the day as he won the overall title in the open bodybuilding class.

The level of bodybuilding was very high and the judges had to make several callouts to decide who should finish on top.

As Morteza won the over 100kg class to advance to the finals, Russia’s Mikhail Sazonov and Syria’s Hamadi Asem were also perfect candidates to advance.

Iran dominated the overall battle placing from first to sixth with Algeria, Italy and Korea following.

Jan Palenicek of the Czech Republic won the overall title in the Men’s Games Classic Bodybuilding.

The Men’s Muscular Physique title went to Qatar’s Omer Bahamed. This was another class that was very difficult to judge, but Bahamed had the perfect proportion and size to take the top prize.

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