absence affecting Olympia brand

Is Big Ramy’s absence affecting the Olympia brand negatively?

The bodybuilding world is not happy with the absence of 2020 Mr. Olympia Big Ramy. Where is he? What is he doing? How does he look? When will he guest pose? these are all the questions being asked.

Big Ramy winning the 2020 Mr. Olympia title was rejoiced all over the world. As Brandon Curry had to settle for second, many believed this would be a new era of dominance in the sport of bodybuilding.

During such difficult circumstances, 2019 Mr. Olympia winner, Brandon Curry, worked very hard to promote the Olympia brand, even when Covid-19 was at its peak. Brandon left his mark as a great ambassador for the sport, and he is still promoting the Olympia brand.

With numerous seminars being organized by the Olympia team in 2021, Brandon is still representing the brand as he was as the reigning champion by attending these events.

The same cannot be said for 2020 Mr. Olympia Big Ramy. Immediately after winning bodybuilding’s biggest prize, Big Ramy went back to Egypt and would literally never be seen again.

Taking nothing away from Big Ramy as a bodybuilder, he is a champion, but more has to be done when it comes to the business of bodybuilding.

“Where is our Champion?”

The only time Big Ramy made an appearance on social media was during an interview with his coach, Dennis James last April 2021.

It was expected that Big Ramy would spend some time in his home country and celebrate his victory. After the celebrations ended, the bodybuilding world expected Ramy to make an appearance or at least publish some updated footage on his social media.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net was contacted by numerous fans and prominent figures in the sport, venting their frustration about Big Ramy’s abssence.

The majority of people in bodybuilding world love Big Ramy, but they would prefer the 2021 Mr. Olympia title go to an athlete that would promote the Olympia brand and be a better ambassador for the sport.

Progress pics, videos or even a ‘Day in the Life’ are at a minimum. Fans of the sport are getting frustrated with the same Big Ramy motivation videos being recycled all over YouTube and other social media.

The Mr. Olympia champion needs exposure for the good of the sport. From all the divisions, he is the leader and has to set an example.

All this is affecting the Olympia brand negatively. With the sport of bodybuilding struggling heavily during the difficult years due to Covid-19, it was expected that Big Ramy would make an extra effort to promote the sport.

Let’s all be honest, what has Big Ramy done for the Olympia brand? Immediately after his victory, a large press conference was organized by his sponsor and that was it.

Ramy is a star in his country, but what good has this done for a sport that has the majority of sponsors and fans residing in the USA?

The majority of money pumped into the sport of bodybuilding and fitness is generated in the USA. The sponsors that invested in the Olympia Weekend are surely not happy with this situation.

Olympia Weekend owner Jake Wood spent millions to buy the brand and organize an event during such a difficult time. An extra effort from all his champions was needed, especially Big Ramy.

Big Ramy was not even qualified for the 2020 Mr. Olympia, he was lucky to receive a ‘Special Invite’ for the event.

It would be expected that, Ramy show his appreciation by promoting the Olympia brand, as thanks for the ‘Special Invite’ he received.

Is the Olympia Weekend marketing team to blame?

The problem could also be from the Olympia Weekend marketing team. Are they doing everything possible to get the best out of Big Ramy? Are they creating opportunities for him?

Read more: Patrick Bet-David calls out Mr. Olympia’s Weak Marketing Strategy

Just recently, Patrick Bet-David discussed the Olympia brand and the way they are handling it’s marketing on one of his shows.

“Just a crazy thought to throw out there,” Bet-David said. “There’s something about the Mr. Olympia that needs competition. I don’t know why, I just feel it needs somebody to ruffle the feathers a little bit. I think it’s a little bit too political. I’d love to see somebody come out there and stir the pot…

“I don’t even know if there is a big audience for bodybuilding or not,” he continued. “Mr. Olympia, how big of a brand is that? Massive brand. Arnold, Lee Haney, they have footage from everywhere. How many subscribers do you think Mr. Olympia’s YouTube channel has? … I don’t know what they’re doing over there.

“Here’s a brand, who the hell is running this thing that can’t even figure out how to get more than 31,000 subscribers? If I’m a bodybuilder representing a brand like that, you’ve got to do a better job marketing,” Bet-David continued.

“All the footage they own, they don’t even know how to market a brand like this. Anyway, I hope the new guy does something about it, Jake Wood, I’ve heard good things about him. But I think there needs to be some kind of a shake up there.”

With a number of interviews with some of bodybuilding’s biggest stars, Patrick alone managed to get over 20 million views from these interviews. Patrick believes it is very strange that the Olympia marketing team did not take advantage of this great opportunity.

During the Joe and Ben Weider era, they would make sure their champions would be given great exposure, for the good of the Olympia brand, the Weider products and their magazines.

This was a positive situation for both parties. Ben and Joe Weider would gain financially as everybody wanted to see their champion. In regards to the athletes who took advantage of this situation, they went on to have very successful careers, on and off the bodybuilding stage. To name a few, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Frank Zane and many more.

Today with the power of social media, there is no excuse for the Mr. Olympia Champion to distance himself.

Ramy’s trainers Chad Nicholls and Dennis James are expecting Ramy to defend his title. Both Chad and Dennis have been around bodybuilding for a long time and know that sometimes the best athlete does not win.

It will be a very exciting and interesting event this October, and the outcome might shock the bodybuilding world.

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