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Is it safe to order cheaper counterfeit supplements from China?

Nobody wants to spend too much money. It doesn’t matter which product you buy; people often put price before quality. There’s a reason why cheaper counterfeits from China have become so popular all around the world.

And while buying Abibas shoes instead of Adidas may be safe, purchasing cheap medicaments and supplements isn’t. Logically, you should buy your sleeping tablets from Medicine Direct and not AliExpress, eBay, or Amazon.

And yet, there are still many people who keep ordering cheaper counterfeit supplements from China. To warn you from joining them, below, you’ll find information about why you should never do such a thing.

They’re Usually Fake

First of all, the supplements you order from China are probably fake. It’s not a problem to create a look-alike box of legitimate supplements or vitamins to fool your eyes. You may think that you’re ordering one thing and get something completely different.

What’s worse is that these fake “health” capsules never contain the right amount of the active ingredient. Some of them even include a large amount of sawdust or other things that aren’t good for you.

So, not only won’t they help you improve your health, but they will also be able to do something opposite. And speaking of health…

They’re Dangerous

As written above, cheap counterfeit supplements from China usually don’t contain the things they should. And it’s not just the case of not having enough active ingredients. In many cases, they can be poisonous.

Why? Because these fake medicines are usually distributed by criminals, who mix them all without looking at various supplements’ compositions.

By doing that, they often get a dangerous mix of different substances that should never be close to each other. Some of those “health” supplements contain mercury, rat poison, or arsenic (sic!).

So if you want to stay safe, you should never even consider ordering cheaper counterfeit supplements, medicines, or vitamins from China and other regions of the world where the fake supplement market is flourishing.

How Can You Buy Safe Supplements Online

Okay, now that you can see how dangerous buying fake supplements can be, let’s talk more about what you should do to make sure that the pills you buy are a hundred percent safe.

First of all, don’t look at the price, usually the cheaper the supplement, the worse the quality of ingredients. When it comes to your health, you should look for ways to save money. Make sure that the supplement you buy is top-quality, and then look at its price tag.

Secondly, buy only from reliable and legitimate companies. It’s essential to do your research before the purchase. Ask around and see whether the source you want to purchase supplements from is legitimate.

For example, if there is no contact information on the website, or the site itself is based in a foreign country, the company is probably fake.

The third thing you should do is getting more knowledge about supplements standards. See what the needed certifications are, and if the supplement you want to buy has them. All the reputable products have such guarantees on their boxes and labels.

Also, remember that you should directly buy supplements, medicines, and other health-related products from the manufacturer. So when you’re searching Amazon for vitamins, make sure that you buy from a real company and not a scammer.

What If It’s Too Late?

But let’s say that it’s too late and you’ve already ordered some cheap supplements you found online. Well, the most important thing is not to use them. When the delivery comes, throw them away or burn them.

Keep in mind that you won’t get your money back, but if you want to take action, you should contact the authorities. They’ll be able to take matters into their own hands and try to do something about it.


Buying cheaper counterfeit supplements from China is dangerous, and you should never do that. These pills are often fake and contain low-quality ingredients, and sometimes even poisonous substances.

So if you want to save some money on supplements, think twice. Keep in mind that it’s your health we’re talking about, and that means that you should spend no expense. Buy only from reliable and legitimate sources if you want to avoid any troubles.

Remember that the criminals and scammers don’t care about your health. All they want is your money, and they’re going to do everything they can to get it.

Be smart, and don’t buy health-related products from unreliable sources just because you want to save some money.