Jay-Cutler-2In recent weeks, 4X Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler has been writing some interesting posts on his social media.

When asked about his retirement from the sport, Jay Cutler has always said he had his mind on his business and that he has nothing else to prove. He never really said that he is retired.

Everybody was happy with this as basically we all know that Jay Cutler is one of bodybuilding’s greatest ambassadors and he really has nothing else to prove. Being a multiple Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia winner, Jay Cutler basically won it all.

But posts (see images at end of article) with these quotes “The weight are going up each week”,  “Here we go again, back at it” and “New Year, New Goals, Lets get in on!!” give the fans an impression that Jay Cutler could be making a comeback.

The big question is, can Jay Cutler make a successful comeback. We know Dexter Jackson is still successful at his age. But Dexter has never took time off, in fact Dexter let go of his supplement company Blade Nutrition and signed with Ultimate Nutrition.

If Jay Cutler puts his mind to it, it is possible he can build a great physique. But will he topple the competition today? Will he challenge Phil Heath for the crown? Can he defeat the likes of Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, Shawn Rodden, Dennis Wolf and Cedric McMillan?

These are big questions that will be answered if Jay Cutler does take the stage.

Until now, it is all speculation… But it does not hurt to dream of a comeback from the legendary Jay Cutler. Win or lose, he will still be a legend to the sport.