Kai Greene - Super League

Kai-GreeneThe big story of Kai Greene not signing his contract for the 2015 Olympia is still the big story today. Pro’s like Guy Cisternino and Shawn Ray asked the big question themselves on Muscular Development’s forum yesterday.

This could be a publicity stunt from Kai’s camp or it could be the real thing.

evolutionofbodybuilding.net was informed about this situation weeks before Peter McGough leaked it on the MD forum, but for the privacy of our source and Kai Greene, we decided to keep it to ourselves. Yes, we could have made a hit on this story…. but we respect our colleagues in the sport.

Kai is seen through footage on his social media talking about big things to come. From NFL promotion to launching his own product line, Kai Greene seems to be a busy man… but this does not mean he should skip the Olympia!!!

Peter McGough has confirmed on the MD forum that Kai Greene missed the deadline and is basically out of the Olympia!!

When you get IFBB Pros and top journalists talking about this situation, it is starting to sound like it is the real thing and it could be a possibility that Kai remains absent.

Kai has been committed from FlexOnline’s preview and even the poster promoting the article!!

All the signals are pointing to Kai not being there…. and if it stays like this… he basically handed Phil his fifth Sandow!!

Will will surely continue to keep you informed on this story as the news comes in.

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