4X Physique Olympia Jeremy Buendia trades words with Brandon Hendrickson.

4X Physique Olympia winner Jeremy Buendia took the opportunity to respond to IFBB Pro Brandon Hendrickson after his comments on Dave Palumbo’s ‘Live With’ on RXMuscle.com.

Jeremy was not happy with the comments Brandon made regarding how he congratulated him after his recent victory at the Sacramento Pro.

Brandon posted a conversation between him and Jeremy on his official Instagram page.

Some might argue that Brandon could of kept this conversation between the two of them, but it has now been made public by Brandon himself.

Jeremy was very aggressive while Brandon looked to just brush aside his comments.

Jeremy seems to be full of confidence considering he suffered a pec tear earlier this year.

This is what Brandon had to say:

brvndonflexx I’m posting because a lot of you don’t see this side of the sport..this is YOUR current 4x Men’s physique Olympia champ……..trying to stir up drama with me on this lovely Sunday evening😒I haven’t mentioned or thought about this man since that last RXmuscle interview a few weeks ago in which I was asked about our encounter after I won the Sacramento pro..I’m going to delete this post but I felt this needed some light..bruh, ima come clean, this is the most entertaining thing I’ve read in a couple weeks tho😩😂 Jeremy, I’m going to simply pray for you, and also anyone else that has a problem with me…This is not how I will represent this sport, the IFBB and the Olympia..and as a former 2016 Arnold Classic Champion, I refuse to let ANYONE make me behave in this manner..this is just embarrassing…


Buendia trades words

Buendia trades words