Joe Weider Olympia Winners

Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia Winners

The full list of every winner of the historic Mr. Olympia title.

The first Mr. Olympia contest was created by Joe and Ben Weider in 1965. The first winner would be Larry Scott.

There have only been 16 winners of this prestigious title. The names that stand out on the full list of Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia winners are Arnold Schwarzenegger (7X winner), Lee Haney ( 8X winner), Dorian Yates (6X winner), Ronnie Coleman (8X winner) and Phil Heath (7X winner).

Since Phil Heath’s dominance ended in 2018, no winner has held on to the Olympia title for more than a year.

All eyes are now on Big Ramy to see if he can start a run of multiple titles.

Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia Winners

1965: Larry Scott

1966: Larry Scott

1967: Sergio Oliva

1968: Sergio Oliva

1969: Sergio Oliva

1970: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1971: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1972: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1973: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1974: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1975: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1976: Franco Columbu

1977: Frank Zane

1978: Frank Zane

1979: Frank Zane

1980: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1981: Franco Columbu

1982: Chris Dickerson

1983: Samir Bannout

1984: Lee Haney

1985: Lee Haney

1986: Lee Haney

1987: Lee Haney

1988: Lee Haney

1989: Lee Haney

1990: Lee Haney

1991: Lee Haney

1992: Dorian Yates

1993: Dorian Yates

1994: Dorian Yates

1995: Dorian Yates

1996: Dorian Yates

1997: Dorian Yates

1998: Ronnie Coleman

1999: Ronnie Coleman

2000: Ronnie Coleman

2001: Ronnie Coleman

2002: Ronnie Coleman

2003: Ronnie Coleman

2004: Ronnie Coleman

2005: Ronnie Coleman

2006: Jay Cutler

2007: Jay Cutler

2008: Dexter Jackson

2009: Jay Cutler

2010: Jay Cutler

2011: Phil Heath

2012: Phil Heath

2013: Phil Heath

2014: Phil Heath

2015: Phil Heath

2016: Phil Heath

2017: Phil Heath

2018: Shawn Rhoden

2019: Brandon Curry

2020: Big Ramy

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