Johnnie Jackson - Ronny Rockel conquer Toronto

Johnnie Jackson – Ronny Rockel conquer Toronto

Johhnie Jackson and Ronny Rockel both made it two wins in a row this weekend as they both conquered the 2017 Toronto Pro Show.

Johnnie won the open class while Ronny took control of the 212 class. It looks to be a year for the veterans of the sport.

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Competitor Photos



1. Johhnie Jackson
2. Jonathan Dela Rosa
3. Jeff Beckham

1. Ronny Rockel
2. Nam Eun Cho
3. Vojtech Koritensky

IFBB Wheelchair
Harold Kelley
Antoni Khadraou

Women Bodybuilding
1. Kim Buck
2. Maria Mikola
3. Wendy McCready

IFBB Pro Fitness
1. Piia Pajunen
2. Ariel Khadur
3. Jodi Boam