Josh Lenartowicz shows he is a true gentleman of the sport.

The Australian bodybuilding star, Josh Lenartowicz is one of the good guys of the bodybuilding industry.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry can be very difficult to work in and if the wrong things are said or done, and athlete can be crushed. Josh Lenartowicz had his share of up and downs in recent years.

In a recent post on his social media, IFBB Pro Josh Lenartowicz has shown how certain situations should be handled.

Josh has recently split with his main sponsor ATP Science. When something like this usually it happens, in most situations it will end on a sour note.

Lenartowicz has shown the world how things should be done. If you are sponsored by a company, you should believe in their product and Josh has proven this. Even after losing his main sponsor and obviously taking a hit financially, he still is endorsing the product.

This is what he had to say:


I’m doing this post to let my fans and followers know that I’m no longer sponsored by ATP science.
I’m doing this so you hear it from me, not to stop taking their products but to continue to do so as I wouldn’t endorse something I didn’t believe in.

Full transparency to you guys. A couple different reasons for not continuing my contract after 12 months, was the expense of a sponsored athlete (moving athletes into brand ambassadors) and changing direction from the bodybuilding field into other fields. I’m not going to lie to you guys, it’s disappointing for me as I know I added more value than the expense. I believed this would be long term and it hurts purely because they are a great brand with great products and a great team that I was proud to be a part of – I’m just thankful for all the good times and support I had.

I understand it’s hard to quantify the financial result of a sponsored athlete but putting pen to paper and the feedback I continue to receive since the sponsorship ended, I know 100 percent it is worth it. A door closes so another one can open, I still believe an endorsement holds more weight from someone of prestige than it does from someone of popularity, so to those aspiring Pro Bodybuilders out there looking to be sponsored, keep your head up.

There are no bad feelings between them and us, in fact I wish them every success. I had so much fun with the team and do hope you continue to support them.

After walking away from supplements for many years because there was so much crap in them, I now know at this point in time there are many brands out there that can be trusted with quality supplements. – Josh Lenartowicz.

Well done to Josh on how he handled this situation!!