Josh Lenartowicz April 2016 2IFBB Pro Josh Lenartowicz was not happy with recent show that depicted bodybuilders having body image issues, rely on steroids and see it a a time consuming activity rather than a sport of discipline, goal setting and a way to have a better healthy life.

Josh is right in every sense as media outlets have a habit of point to bodybuilding when it comes to certain issues, when many other sport disciplines are all in the same boat.

The show can be viewed HERE  (you have to reside within Australia to view)

This is what Josh had to say about the show:

For many Australians this will be the only education they will have on bodybuilding and now their minds connect bodybuilding with body image issues, steroids and a purposeless time consuming activity instead of discipline, goal setting, healthy living and friendships.

You should not present a sport in a manor that is one sided projecting a group of athletes as all possibly having muscle dysmorphia.

This is not the reality, like any sport there are many individuals with different characteristics and personality traits. I took up bodybuilding to connect with my brother, I was great at it, it allowed me to be encouraged which empowered me to encourage others, it’s brought into my life great friendships, it’s allowed me to travel the world and I have never had muscle dysmorphia.

Also why is it always bodybuilders that are asked in interviews questions with “steroids” why not footballers or cyclists or Olympia athletes as it is just as prevalent but yet if you asked them in an interview like they would us it’s disrespectful denying the hard work, sacrifice and suffering they endure for their chosen life path, also why is bodybuilding depicted as consuming but Olympic athletes are not when both represent their country and commit hours daily to their chosen life passion.

josh rant April 2016This is discrimination or they would ask all athletes from all sports the same questions and depict all sports as consuming, I thought we as Australians have progressed away from discrimination, racism, sexism and bullying but when I see story’s like this I realise how far behind as a nation we really are.