Joshua Lenartowicz blasts arms

WATCH: Joshua Lenartowicz blasts arms before 2019 Arnold Classic.

Joshua Lenartowicz, already an Australian bodybuilding legend is preparing to compete at the 2019 Arnold Classic Ohio.

Joshua is already looking ready for the show that is only two weeks away.

With the condition that Lenartowicz is in already, he could easily upset a few of the favorites at the show.

Joshua has the size and condition to go up against the best of the best.

Taking a year off from the sport can destroy some athletes, but in Joshua’s case it has done him good.

It seems Lenartowicz is back on track after the sudden death of one of his best friends, Dallas McCarver.

Lenartowicz has recently published on his official Youtube page his recent arm training session.

Join me at Dohertys Gym as we discuss why I took time off last year and wanting to win.

I run through my arm work out with explanations for each exercise along the way and show you how I’ve been able to grow my arms over this last year.

We chat about progressive overload vs volume for arm growth and what I’ve been eating, seafood vs Kangaroo.

We talk about different mindset strategies for happiness and I hope you can take away some useful info from this clip.

Connect with Joshua:
Instagram @josh_lenartowicz