Lenartowicz interviewed - Dallas McCarver death

Lenartowicz interviewed – Dallas McCarver death

The past month has been a rough one for the bodybuilding industry, especially for Joshua Lenartowicz.

After winning the Tampa Pro show and qualifying for the 2017 Olympia, it looked all good for Joshua.

Instead of going back to Australia, Joshua stayed in the USA with his best friend Dallas McCarver and trained at the gym of 212 champion, Flex Lewis.

All was perfect for the new super partnership of Dallas and Joshua, until tragedy struck.

Joshua found Dallas McCarver face down on the floor after coming back from his cardio session. He tried everything to get him back but it was too late.

Moments later, Dallas McCarver was pronounced dead. It was the worst day ever for Joshua.

Moving forward, Joshua was uncertain if he was going to compete at the 2017 Olympia after the tragic event, but after thinking about it, he teamed up with Dallas McCarver’s trainer Matt Jansen to continue his prep for the 2017 Mr. Olympia.

In a recent interview with Dave Palumbo of rxmuscle.com, Joshua Lenartowicz revealed more in detail of what happened on that horrible night with Dallas McCarver and as well his future plans with Matt Jansen.

Joshua did clarify that he said certain things during his phone call to 911 to try to save Dallas. When the 911 tape was leaked, it caused a big uproar in the bodybuilding industry with comments and opinions from a number of people.

Lenartowicz said that he had to be honest with the paramedics to try to save the life of Dallas.

Moving towards trainer Matt Jansen, the interview turned out to be very interesting with some good questions from Dave Palumbo.

Matt talked about how his relationship with Dallas hit a low point when he started using the services of Chad Nicholls.

Matt said that he would have understood the move to happen if Dallas was having a negative run, but he was producing some great results with Matt.

Eventually after the fainting incident at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia, Dallas and Matt started to work together again, with Chad Nicholls at the same time suggesting this to Dallas.

The highlight of the interview was when Matt talked about Shawn Ray (Fast forward to the 21:00). Matt did say there is a time and place for certain comments to be said and that Shawn can be a bit harsh, moments later Joshua Lenartowicz said he is happy Shawn is without a microphone, referring to him leaving Muscular Development.

Matt Jansen did reveal that he agrees with Shawn Ray 100% on his comments towards Dallas McCarver when he posed in front of JM Manion. And Matt also revealed that Dallas McCarver agreed with Shawn Ray on the matter when he talked to Matt on the phone about it.

Matt Jansen also suggested that Dallas McCarver was not happy with the approach of Shawn Ray on the incident.

Another subject that was discussed in the interview was the comments of Ronnie Coleman on TMZ.

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Joshua Lenartowicz said that Dallas really looked up to Ronnie Coleman and the comments that Ronnie said regarding his death made him (Joshua) lose all respect for him. Joshua continued to say that everybody should be like 8X Mr. Olympia Lee Haney as he is a true role model.

Lenartowicz said he has great respect for the former champions of the sport, but he wishes that they would stop being so negative on their criticism of all the present bodybuilders. Joshua said that instead of helping the sport, he thinks it is making it worse.

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