Juan Morel conquers the 2019 New York Pro

RESULTS: Juan Morel conquers the 2019 New York Pro.

As we predicted, Juan Morel walked away with the 2019 New York Pro title.

Juan went into the show in incredible condition. Juan posted footage of his condition and performing vacuum poses on his social media days before the show showing the shape he was in.

This is Juan Morel’s second victory in his home town. A fantastic accomplishment since the New York Pro is one of the best competition on the NPC/Pro League calendar.

With this victory, Juan has also booked his place to the 2019 Olympia Weekend. Juan has what it takes to place in the top five. He has the time to get ready.

Akim William was in the mix again as he placed second. Akim packs a ton of muscle, but Juan’s physique edged him out for the title.

Third place went to the man from the Czech Republic, Milan Sadek. Milan walked on stage well prepared. He might have lacked slightly in the size department when compared to Akim and Juan, but a third place finish will earn him valuable points towards Olympia qualification.

Fan favorite Jon Delarosa had to settle for fourth place. Finally we were able to see a much more improved version of Jon. In his last few competitions, he could not arrive on stage in his best condition. Delarosa still has a lot to improve on regarding conditioning as when he does, he will be a threat to any athlete.

The 212 event has another stacked line-up. The man from Kuwait, Ahmed Ashskanani walked away with the title. As usual Ahmed arrived looking huge and defined. It looks as Ahmed will be one of the favorites to lift the 212 Olympia title after Flex Lewis confirmed he will not be defending his title in 2019.

The Brazilian, Eduardo Correa Da Silva finished in second. Eduardo is a crowd favorite and always arrives in top condition. It was difficult for Eduardo to go head to head with Ahmed when it comes to size, but detail and definition is something that Eduardo is good at presenting, he could of easily placed first.

Kerrith Bajjo finished in third while Korea’s Junho Kim took fourth.

In other divisions, Keone Pearson earned his 2019 Olympia qualification by winning the Classic Physique division. Keone has become the highlight of the 2019 season. He has a flawless physique and his vacuum pose is unmatched. Keone literally put the Classic Physique division to another level. It will be interesting to see what happens at the 2019 Olympia.

The Men’s Physique title went to Kyron Holden.

Puerto Rico’s Jessica Reyes Padilla won the Women’s Physique title.

Italy’s Mariella Pellegrino walked away with the Bikini title.

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