Master World Championships

In the past, up to 2017 the IFBB Junior and Master World Championships used to be hosted at one venue.

In 2018, the IFBB has decided to split these two events at host them at separate venues. This is due to the great turnout from all the athletes.

After the tremendous success of the 2017 edition at the Junior & Master World Championships held in Bistrita (Romania), with nearly 600 athletes; the IFBB has decided to separate both events, in order to cater better to all the athletes and give room for more potential growth, this decision will make it easier for the organizing country to organize hotels and facilities for such large figures of international participants.

Thus, in the 2018 season, Ecuador and Greece will be the two countries that will host both editions, under the tutelage of their respective national federations and as in previous years in the last dates of the season.

Quito, -the capital city of Ecuador- will host the 2018 Junior World Championships, headed by Mr. Juan Paredes, president of the National Bodybuilding Federation (FEFCLP) and the South American Confederation (CSFF). The chosen date is November 30th to December 3rd.

Only two weeks later, as the culmination of the 2018 season, Greece will host the 2018 Master World Championships, from December 14th to 17th, with the confirmation from the Greek Federation chaired by Mr. Iordan Leventelis, and the international athlete and promoter, Mr. Anastasios Koligkionis. The venue and location is still to be decided.

Picture: 2018 World Master Championships will be held in Greece and Junior World Championships in Ecuador, both in December.

Master World Championships