Justin Compton took top honors at the 2016 IFBB Golden State Pro to earn his qualification for the 2016 Mr. Olympia.

A sharp looking Compton was looking incredible with his waist in tune. He will be a great addition to the Olympia line-up with the other mass monsters.

If Compton can keep this rhythm going and come in just a bit sharper, he will be a threat for the top 10 athletes.

Muscular Development’s David Baye talks with IFBB Pro bodybuilder Justin Compton just a few moments after his big win at the 2016 IFBB Golden State Pro. In this video, he talks about what he did differently for this show & how that affected his weight, what his plans are for the Olympia & more.

Bodybuilding Open class results:

1. Justin Compton
2. Michael Lockett
3. Kevin Jordan
4. Renaldo Gairy
5. Josh Wade
Dorian Adams
Jon Andersen
Michael Cipriani
Brandon Curry
Dan Decker
Manuel Lomeli
JoJo Ntiforo
Gerald Williams

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