Kai Greene joining WWE?

Kai Greene joining the WWE?

Pro bodybuilder Kai Greene has become a master at teasing his fans.

It has become a habit for Kai Greene to either tease his fans about the possibility of stepping on the competition stage again or getting involved in another major event.

In his latest post on his official Instagram page, Kai Greene published an artwork created by an artist named Haidar of himself wearing the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Championship belt and holding another belt.

As usual, a confusing caption was added to the post  “Getting up and getting down. It’s a lifestyle“.

As Kai’s fans dream of him joining the WWE, it would actually be a perfect match.

Kai’s personality would fit perfectly with the wild and crazy world of wrestling.

Having a world class also adds to the excitement. Kai would be a huge presence in the wrestling ring.

The possibilities for Kai would be incredible if he joined the WWE:

Possibility of being involved with Athleticon.

Imagine Kai Greene challenging Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Kai Greene signing up for Wrestlemania.

The list can go on forever.

Whatever happens, Kai just made millions of fans smile in such a dark period with all the problems related to the coronavirus.